2023 farm

signup here for the 2023 farm. the 10 week produce csa goes from july to september with ongoing organic pasture raised eggs. we have one internship position open with 10hrs per week in exchange for a skill and produce share. we have a reduced produce share available for a family in need and can take food stamps. we will have on-farm community events post COVID!

we are have a spot for community garden for familes. plots are 50 ft x 4 ft and include water, soil fertility, and tilling. we ask members to weekly attend to their garden.

signup here for winter 2022-2023 farm classes including: nov. soil intro, dec. soil re-mineralization, jan. scheduling - target planting spreadsheet, and feb. farm equipment maintenance.

feel free to mail us with questions.

24041 SE Highway 224 | Boring OR 97009

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