'aharown founded aslan's how organics in 2009 after wwoofing in pr china and completing farm internships in washington's skagit valley.  he spent four years in the valley providing food and agricultural experiences to his community while working with low-income families and YMCA youth experiencing homelessness.  In 2013 the farm was re-located to it's current location in boring, oregon.  'aharown is passionate about on-farm community involvement. He cultivates a quarter acre of produce and manages events.

sage at eight was leading a kids garden. he was inspired by an aslan's how organics intern who focused on purple varieties. he used money from his grandfather's passing to fund the kids garden in 2022. he grows the best broccoli on the farm and takes care of the chickens and has received 4H ribbons.

melissa interned in 2021: "I had been experimenting with gardening for a few years and watched countless YouTube videos. After years of research, I still didn’t have any confidence that I knew how to grow my own food. I decided a summer internship at Aslan’s How would be the best way to get hands-on experience. Throughout the summer I did everything from starting seeds to transplanting starts to harvesting produce. I learned about growing in a greenhouse and in the field. I learned about various pests and what to do to discourage them from devouring everything in sight. As we worked on things at the farm, I would implement the techniques and processes into my own garden at home. It was the most successful year I’ve ever had! The internship was such an incredible experience and I am so grateful for it. In addition to gaining knowledge, I also gained friends and a sense of community. It was immensely helpful to bounce ideas and questions off Aharown and other farmers he introduced me to. I would definitely recommend the internship to anyone who’s interested."

callie interned in 2021: After a few years of working on industrial style farms, I wanted to try and develop a different relationship to farming and what it meant to work with the land. I applied to intern at Aslan’s How Organic Farm in the hopes of having a more intimate experience with farming. Working with Aharown, his family, and our little team allowed me to reflect upon and demonstrate life skills beyond just the lessons I learned out on the field. I came away from my internship with some new techniques for small, organic farming as well as a sense of community, confidence, and a renewed enthusiasm to learn and share my knowledge with others.